Thoughts. Morality

One of the greatest triumphs of Leftism against sane thinking is the absurd idea the morality (ethics) can exists outside of a religious system. The truth is that is no morality outside Theology and religious thinking. The Communist morality (ethics) is not just a political fabrication, but a religious one in the first place; as is based on the religious convictions of absolute ideological superiority, absolute truth of Communist hypothesis etc. There isn’t – and never was – a moral code, a morality or ethics that could be (or was) deduced on through a thinking or a assessment system that eludes or ignore the transcendent. A very direct and invincible proof is the multitude of „moral” systems that the Left proclaimed and proclaim to be absolute.

Coming back: Morality is always religious.
Even immorality is always religious.

As a logical consequence, any political system that proposes or proclaims an „independent morality” is, in fact, a disguised religious system.

Mihai-Andrei Aldea